General Terms and Conditions Oryx Real Estate Group

  1. Our offers are based on the information provided to us by the property owner or seller or lessor or by other persons providing information. We do not vouch for the correctness and completeness. Our offers are subject to change and are not binding. Changes, errors and other sales / rentals are reserved. Any illustrations and drawings may only be similar and/or not to scale. Exposés are for preliminary information only. The offer does not extend further than the content of a subsequent purchase or lease agreement.
  2. Our proofs are subject to change, intermediate sales or dispositions remain reserved. Contact with the seller is always established through Oryx Real Estate Group. In case of subsequent direct negotiations, the Oryx Real Estate Group is to be informed of the result in each case.
  3. This offer is intended for the recipient only. In the event of the conclusion of a contract by economically or legally related companies or persons or family members of the recipient of the offer, it is assumed that the offer has been passed on. Here, too, a direct claim to commission arises. This also arises if the contract is concluded under conditions that deviate from the offer or if and insofar as contractual extensions and additions are made in the temporal and economic context of an initial contract.
  4. The claim to commission shall remain in force if the contract concluded expires due to conditions subsequent. The same applies if the contract is cancelled due to a reservation of withdrawal by the offeree or is cancelled or not fulfilled for other reasons for which the offeree is responsible. If the contract is successfully contested, the offeree shall be obliged to pay damages if he has set the ground for contestation.
    1. The commission claim is due upon conclusion of the main contract. The commission is payable within 3 days after invoicing without any deduction.
    2. The following commission rates shall apply between the Purchaser and Oryx Real Estate Group. These are payable to us when the claim for commission arises. The commission rates do not include the statutory value added tax. In the case of a land/property purchase, the commission to be paid is based on the total purchase price and all related ancillary services. The commission is always 5% of the purchase price of the property. Deviating commission values can be discussed and negotiated individually.
    3. For the rental of rented property, the commission to be paid is 3 net monthly rents. For a contract term of 3 years or more, the commission increases to 5 net monthly rents.
  5. For each individual breach of the obligations of our General Terms and Conditions, Oryx Real Estate Group is entitled to demand from the recipient of the offer the payment of a contractual penalty of up to 10,000.00 euros (in words ten thousand euros), but not exceeding a total amount of 150,000.00 euros (in words one hundred and fifty thousand euros). Payment of the contractual penalty shall not preclude the assertion of a claim for injunctive relief or damages in excess thereof for all damages caused by the respective violation. The contractual penalty shall be credited against any possible damages.
  6. In the event that a joint transaction has been agreed with the Recipient and no special agreements – regarding the half commission sharing have been made with the Recipient, the Recipient shall only be entitled to half of the commission if it proves one of the parties to the contract to which the joint transaction is directed and actively accompanies this party until the conclusion of the contract. In the case of a joint transaction, the Recipient shall be obliged to provide all evidence and information required by law or by contract and necessary for the joint transaction. If, in the case of a joint transaction, the collection of the fee is only possible with the assistance of a lawyer or only by legal action, the parties shall assist each other, in particular by providing the necessary documents and other evidence. The costs of collection pursuant to sentence 1 shall be shared in proportion to the agreed fee quota. If the party entitled to the claim refuses to seek legal assistance or to take legal action, it shall be obliged to assign the entire fee claim to the other party at the latter’s request, at the same time waiving its participation, and to hand over the documents and evidence. With the assignment, the assigning party shall be released from all obligations to the other party arising from the fee participation agreed in the joint transaction.
  7. If other contracts of any kind whatsoever are concluded with respect to the objects named by us, in particular such contracts which provide the offeree with the economic power of disposal or use of the object, the transaction shall in any case be subject to commission.
  8. If the recipient of this offer contacts the seller or his authorized representative, our company is to be named. Our company is to be involved at the latest at the conclusion of the sales contract.
  9. These terms of use are governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the contract between you and us is made in the UAE. Any disputes will be resolved in the UAE courts, although we may take action to enforce our intellectual property rights in any relevant jurisdiction.